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    Pre provisioning large amount of nodes into Solarwinds NPM & NCM




      I was hoping somebody could help advise me on adding a large number of switches to Orion even before they are added to the network. So basically I am involved in a project which is deploying over 2000 switches throughout the area at about 1100 different locations. It is planned to have 20 switches brought online a day for 55 days straight and obviously I do not have the time to manually add each switch as it comes online. I would like to pre add all of these switches into Orion, and to appear up as soon as they are reachable. The only way I have found to add a large amount of switches at once is with Network Discovery but this will only add the switch once it has been discovered and I do not want to have to go into the discovery and add the switches as they are discovered. I would like to have all these switches added into Orion and the IPs monitored and just shown as down until they are reachable. Additionally I would like all these switches added into NCM, to allow me to grab a configuration from them, once they come online.


      Thank you for your time and any information would be greatly appreciated.