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    Advanced Alert using Interface Custom Properties... HELP!!!


      I have created 4 different alerts to alert on 4 different scenarios regarding the primary and secondary interfaces for our network routers. All of our WAN interfaces have been given a Custom Properties of Primary_VPN_Tunnel, Secondary_VPN_Tunnel, Public_internet_Primary, or Public_internet_Secondary. Each Interface should be True for 2 of the previously mentioned conditions.


      I have set up the alert as follows:

      -----Trigger Conditions for Alert 1-----

      Trigger Alert when all of the following apply

      InterfaceName is equal to *

      OperationalStatus is equal to Down

      Primary_VPN_Tunnel is equal to Yes

      Public_internet_Primary is equal to Yes


      -----Alert Suppression-----

      Node Status is equal to Down

      I have set up alerts where any of the 4 combinations of these may be true. However, I am not getting alerted on this. I am new to Orion and setting up these alert conditions. I could really use some help on this. Thanks in advance for your help.