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    Cisco Digital Media memory leak when utilizing Orion for content.


      So we are getting ready to implement a Cisco DMS solution for our NOC.  Our partner has provided us some troubling information regarding this solution.  Has anyone else ran into this?  Support what are our options?


      Here is the info I received from Cisco on the same issue we talked about for the Orion web site. Our NOC uses the site in the same way your NOC does and found issues with the refresh from the Orion Website that takes place every two minutes.  It cause depletion of the DMP’s memory at a rate of about 200k per hour until memory is depleted enough where the DMP needs to reset.  We changed the Orion refresh from 2 minutes to 5 and help push out the resets but does not completely fix the problem.  The only fix is  what Cisco states below.


      There is a full page refresh going on every 2 minutes from the page which is against what we recommend


      <script type="text/javascript"> //<![CDATA[ var orionPageRefreshTimeout=setTimeout('window.location.assign(window.location)', 120000); var orionPageRefreshMilSecs = 120000;//]]> </script>


      From page 5 of the best practice guide:


      DMD Guidelines for HTML and JavaScript

      • Never use JavaScript code-generators, such as Microsoft Word or ASP.NET, when you create or edit anything for DMPs. JavaScript code-generators produce elaborate and wasteful code that depletes memory. When a DMP interprets such code, memory usage grows significantly and DMP performance degrades.
      • Do not use more than two JavaScript timers per playlist
      • Avoid refreshing any webpage frequently on DMPs. Instead, we recommend that you use AJAX or

      Shockwave Flash (SWF) to load dynamic content.

      Tip For more advanced JavaScript guidance, see Best Practices to Handcraft Playlists for Cisco Digital Signs at http://developer.cisco.com/web/dms/docs


      Is it possible for you to remove this refresh line from the script and test it ?