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    How to register LEM agent service?


         I recently pushed an agent upgrade through the LEM Console under Manage > Nodes. However, the node shows up as disconnected, and when I login to it the service is now missing. If I manually start the TriGeoAgent.exe, it connects. What is the correct procedure to manually register the service so I can set it to start Automatically?

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          nicole pauls

          That's interesting. By which I mean: Depending on what version you were upgrading from, there might have been some service change steps post-install, but we've had tens of thousands of agent upgrades and thankfully this isn't an epidemic. It's possible if someone else was accessing/modifying the services area at the same time you might see this, there seems to be some weirdness in how Windows handles the locking around install/removal of services.


          Now that you're in this state, you have two options:

          1. (Harder) Manually register the service with something like sc.exe from the resource kit (there might be other tools) - set it to match a system that is properly running the agent, if you need details I can help.
          2. (Easier) Use one of the agent installers and install over the top of the existing agent to put the service back