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    SNMP Enabler Error: Unexpected Error


      Hi guys,

      Great tool, if i can get it to run it will be life saving.


      I have run this on a particular LAN and and getting all sorts of responses. I can see that a few IP have been succcessfuly configured but the majority are getting: Unexpected Error or RPC is unavilable error.


      Can anyone suggest how to get around this? As im sure you can imagine I really do not want to have to go around to each PC to enable this....


      Log file attached.

        • Re: SNMP Enabler Error: Unexpected Error

          It appears like the application failed to start processes on the remote computers. To be able to tell more, I would need to see more detailed log. Go to Settings and set logging level to Verbose, then reproduce the issue again.

          There are two ways to execute remote processes required for the installation of the SNMP service. The default is WMI, but you can also try downloading psexec and using it with SNMP Enabler.