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    SNMP Gets with community@<VLAN #>




      I was running Wireshark on my Orion server with a capture filter on one Layer-2 switch.  While monitoring the traffic, I noticed that there were SNMP Get and GetBulk requests from the Orion server that had the community string set to my RO value followed by an @ sign and then what looks like the VLAN number.  There will be several SNMP requests, then the commuity string value will change to a value with the next VLAN number.  This is a layer 2 switch that learns VLAN info via VTP.


      I need to spend a llittle time studying the SNMP Get request to see what was being requested, but has anyone seen this.



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          What you are seeing is likely SNMP community string indexing. In cases where multiple instances of a mib are present, such as the case of the BRIDGE-MIB, where there is actually a mib table associated with each VLAN, the method used to specify which table to get is by appending "@VLAN ID" to the community string.... I think....