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    Node shows false down


      We have a cisco wireless controler that always shows down.  We can ping the device from the orion server without any problem.  But the web page shows down.  We have deleted and re-added the device with no luck.    It polls SNMP information correctly.

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          Can you please open a support case so we can troubleshoot this issue? You'll need to send diagnostics in.


          Just curious, do you have other controllers that are the same model?

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              Was there ever a solution to this. I am having the same issue. I am in the process of moving 30 offices from MPLS to S2S connections. IPMonitor reports that I have lost the Cisco WLC at each of the remote sites as soon as I begin routing across the S2S tunnel. I can ping from either the WLC or the IPMonitor server to the other end. I can HTTPS/SSH/SNMP to the WLC from the server. I have tried deleting/recreating the monitor and rebooting the WLC. Nothing seems to work.