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    Dell Packages WMI Query failure


      I would like to (partially) use the Dell Packages however the rules call a WMI Namespace that do not exist on my Dell's. 


      The Namespace called seems to be Root\Dell\sysinv


      I figured there must be some sort of Dell WMI Provider out there that installed and uses this namespsace but I have been unable to find it.  So far I have tried installing DELL OpenManage Client Instrumentation Version 8.1 and Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed Node Version 7.0.  No dice.


      Wondering if anyone using these Dell Packages could point me in the right direction?





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          Lawrence Garvin

          Yes, you need to install the Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent which is available in the Dell catalog content. That package will install the requisite Dell WMI namespaces that will allow the other Dell packages to be properly detected and installed.

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            As LGarvin said, you need Dell OpenManage Inventory Agent in order to use Dell's 3rd Party Updates. By my experience (I also have lots of Dell computers and servers), after installing Dell's Inventory Agent, you can test the accessibility with wbemtest. If you don't know how to do it, just follow these steps.

            1. Execute wbemtest from "Start->Run";
            2. On the "Windows Management Instrumentation Tester", select "Connect" button;
            3. On the namespace write \\<computer name>\Root\Dell\sysinv and select "Connect" button;
            4. If successfully connected, all the previous grayed buttons should be enabled now.
            5. (optional) Query for something, for example "select * from Dell_SoftwareIdentity".


            Another package from Dell you should consider installing is Dell OpenManage Client Instrumentation. It adds more classes to WMI for querying software and hardware inventory.


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