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    Publishing RealPlayer update aborted?




      Today I noticed that RealPlayer is now part of the catalog, and we've got a few clients on our network with this installed, so I tried to publish the updates that are available. The two updates downloaded just fine to the server, but despite trying twice and even re-downloading, I have 3 aborted publishing attempts in my task history at this time, all of which have this message:



      Exception Details

      Computer:  Data Grid Server (myWSUSserver)

      Object:  wsusserver

      Source:  myWSUSserver.mydomain.local


      Failed to send partitioned task to automation server myWSUSserver.mydomain.local. Reason: rpcsessionmanagerproxy::instance()->execute() failed with Exception. Message: An I/O exception occurred while copying the data from the item to its destination. Type: Xceed.Zip.ZippedFile FullName: \attachments\packages.zip. Call Stack: at Xceed.FileSystem.AbstractFolder.CopyFilesTo(FileSystemEvents events, Object userData, AbstractFolder destinationFolder, Boolean recursive, Boolean replaceExistingFiles, Object[] filters) at Xceed.FileSystem.AbstractFolder.CopyFilesTo(AbstractFolder destinationFolder, Boolean recursive, Boolean replaceExistingFiles, Object[] filters) at EminentWare.Core.IO.ZipFile.Extract(String foldertoextractto, Object[] filter) at EminentWare.DataGridServer.Executive.DataGridServerCommunicationsInterfaceImplementation.PrepareInboundFiles(String fqpathtextractto, Boolean supportfailover) at EminentWare.DataGridServer.Executive.DataGridServerCommunicationsInterfaceImplementation.DispatchToAutomationServer(OperationDispatchInfo odi, OperationResults operationresults) at EminentWare.DataGridServer.Executive.DataGridServerCommunicationsInterfaceImplementation.EminentWare.DataGridServer.Channel.IDataGridServerCommunications.DispatchCall(OperationDispatchInfo odi, OperationResults operationresults) at EminentWare.Core.Server.RPC.rpcsessionmanagerproxy.execute(OperationDispatchInfo odi)


      Can anyone shed some light on why this might be aborting and, more importantly, how I can fix it and get these updates published? Thank you.