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    ORION Adminisration help...


      Hello all,


      I have been tasked with the setup and administration of Orion NPM, NCM, and NTA. I have watched numerous training videos and utilized them to get a pretty good understanding of the product. However, I am looking for some insight from other admins. I have created groups, dependencies, special reports, a few maps and continue to work to "clean up" our Orion web interface. I do have some specific questions but overall I am looking for some good insight from professionals using it today.


      I have quite a few net-snmp enabled devices being monitored. Most show the CPU Load and Memory Utilization, Disk Volumes Size Space Used, etc. What I need to know is why upon rediscovering a device I am losing this information for some of the nodes being managed.


      1.) I can see Swap Space on these devices but it is not giving a utilization reading. WHY?

      2.) On these same devices I am not getting the CPU Load and Memory Utilization.


      I was getting this information before but it is gone now. I have rediscovered, repolled, etc. I am at a loss on what changed.


      Also, is there a way to monitor a port to see if an application can get to it?

      For instance, I want to monitor the port for SMTP on a particular device. How do I do this? We only have a few devices that we would like to monitor a specific port on and it would not be cost effective to purchase SAM to do this.


      Any and all help or suggestions for Orion setup, aesthetics, administration, etc. are welcome. Thank you all in advance.