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    Issue/Question with NPM and Cisco 6509 energywise


      I have run into an issue and was wanting to see if anyone has any suggestions. I am running 10.3 version Orion NPM and am monitoring Cisco 6509 devices in the network. What I came across is an issue with setting up the SNMP settings in the Cisco units. Not really an issue but incapability with NPM on the SNMP settings.


      I have that if I use the following SNMP setting in the 6509 everything works fine: snmp-server community 123abc RO

      However I need to use the following command: snmp-server community 123abc view EXCLUDE-ENERYGYWISE-MIB RO

      The reason I need to use it is some log messages that can be stopped using that command.


      Some symptoms I see are when the exclude is in place I get an a fail on the snmp test within NPM and an un-reachable message back.


      If I use another Solarwinds product such as config downloader the test portion passes but the actual process to download the config fails. Same with Mib View program the SNMP test passes but the actual reading of the Mib's fails. So it kind of works but not really.


      However if I use the plain command without the energywise statement everything works OK.


      I have opened a case with Solarwinds but have gotten nowhere as of yet.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated.