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    Changing Displayed Node in "Node View"


      I'm running into a newbie problem and havent been able to find the answer in the manual, or KB.


      How do I manage/modify whcih nodes are diplayed in NodeDetailsview?


      I'm trying to create a view of several individual nodes that represent the data path for one of our remote applications.


      I've set my view "type" to NodeDetails.  When I view/preview the page NPM has already selected a node (not the one I want).  "Editing" the node will change the element which is a production device monitored under other views.   Modifying the view linitation produces the following eror message,

      "Could not locate a network device for view Remote-ASP_V1. You may have created a view limitation that is too restrictive"


      a pointer to something other than a 400 page .pdf is appreciated.

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          To restrict what nodes are in a specific view the View Limitation is the correct way to go.


          What specifically are you configuring as the Limitation for the view that is causing the error?

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              "Node Name Pattern"  and I've confirmed the two nodes show-up when I go into Manage Nodes, and search on the same criteria.

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                  Jay Cummings

                  When creating or editing a node details view, SolarWinds will populate the page (almost randomly) with a node for looking at the preview page.  That random selection does not take into account your restrictions, so it may choose a node that fails the restrictions you've set.


                  Once you have your view created (albeit blindly), you can assign that view to be used for specific types of devices (view by device type) from the setting screen and then again on the user page to allow view by device type for any users that need that ability.  Then, when you click on one of the nodes you've assigned the view to, it will show up for you.


                  If you need to tweak the view, you can do it by customizing the page while viewing one of the devices of interest, then make your changes, but rather than using preview, just submit the page and it will keep on the device of interest.