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      I can't tell from the examples, or the documentation. How do you execute the Discoverinterfacesonnode and Addinterfacestonode verbs using the Perl SDK? I don't know if I'm just missing it and it's somewhere obvious.


      Can you show an example?

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          The Orion SDK 1.5 Perl client doesn't execute the Invoke call correctly. However, please take a look at the thread: SDK 1.5 invoke with Perl ?  It contains a link to a fixed version of the client with the sample script supplemented with a fragment showing its usage.


          Hope this helps.

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              Hey Tom,


              Thanks for the info. I went to that page previously, and I had downloaded it (But I did re-download it, to be certain.)


              In the sample, I do see an invoke operation for Unmanage (which I'll need later) But is there an example of a DiscoverInterfacesOnNode and AddInterfacesToNode somewhere? I don't see it in the zip that was attached, nor in any other doc I can find.

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                  Here is what I use :  my $interfacesIdResult = $swis->Invoke("Orion.NPM.Interfaces", "DiscoverInterfacesOnNode", [$nodeID]);


                  But, there is a 60 seconds timeout, hardcoded. I'm unable to test the result of that, but calling it this way should work.

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                      Hey, thanks for this example.


                      When I used it, I got the following error:

                      2012-08-03 16:42:19,005 [215] ERROR SolarWinds.InformationService.Core.InformationService - Exception caught in method Invoke

                      SolarWinds.InformationService.Verb.VerbExecutorException: Verb Orion.NPM.Interfaces.DiscoverInterfacesOnNode: Not found


                      This would lead me to believe that somehow it's the older version of the API that doesn't have this new Discover feature. But when I run the same command inside of the SWQL studio, it works fine, so I know that the backend is the correct version.


                      Anyone have any ideas why I'd get this? I also carefully updated the pm to the updated version, so that should also be fine there...