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    issue with NTA showing country by ip addr


      i work on a closed network, ie no iNet connections

      one NPN/NTA page shows countries listed. support tells me that there is a database entry that it uses to look up the ip addr range and assign a country code for the pie display


      since my closed network does not confirm to the inet Ip assignment , i need to be able to show the correct mapping


      what i want to be able to do is edit a table , provide my IP ranges and assign labels as i need.


      this could be listed as countries or even BU, floors, dept, operational units etc.


      the key point is , we need an ability to customize the country breakdown in some more accurate and/or more meaningful way


      i am able to see the DB entry, however support tells me that if i change it NPM updates will wipe it clean and restore their settings (;


      can this feature be added. it can be as simple as i dialog box to load a CSV file with some format as

      startIP, endIP, label