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    Dynamic Groups - Do Not Search on a Field Data that contains a ' (Single Quote)


      I am in the process of setting up NPM, CTA and NCM for about 600 nodes.  Almost done!   I have been careful to make sure that I could use fields like "City" and "Department" and others properly so I could search on them later using Dynamic Groups. 


      For example, one field, Comment, I populated something like "ABC's" without the double quotes.  When I built a Dynamic Group with the query (Type is Node, and Comment | is | ABC's).  After I hit Submit I could not get back into Groups on the menu of NPM.  All I got was a "Failed to Render" type error when I clicked on Groups


      Support was able to bring up this bad Dynamic Group Query from the Database.  What we saw was similar too (((....... 'Comment' is 'ABC's')...).....).  The single quote from the from the search of the field data was Breaking the Query. 


      Support was able to delete the Dynamic Group Query and do some other maintenance and I was back to work.   I then bulk edited all of the data that had a ' (Single Quote). apostrophe


      Problem solved!!!!


      Thanks Solarwinds!