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    User Details > Possible Bug in Manager/Assistant Name


      I'm going to start with a ramble, and my question is at the end for feedback.

      We finally got all the bugs worked out of our Domain Controller group policy so that we are getting all the logins as required.  Turns out the DC's weren't didn't have the same membership for everthing, so that's egg on my face an a HUGE apology to the SW Support team for my bull-headed nature.


      Regardless, we're now seeing, what I'd classify as an "anomaly."  All of our "Display Names" in Active Directory are in the form of "Last Name, First Name Initial."  This works pretty well, but I'm seeing something that looks kind of out of place.


      If I enumerate the User details for someone, under "Manager" (and I would guess the Assistant field as well), is showing up as "Last Name\"  I'm making the guess that this is because of parsing out the comma though I'd hate to assume too much about the way that Active Directory is queried by the Orion Suite.  I'd probably classify this as a "bug," but it's not crazy serious.


      My question is this: can anyone confirm that they are also seeing this?



      Secondly, I'd love it if there were two feature enhancements:

      1)     Can you please add the "real" Display Name?  Display Name as it is seen above is actually the Domain + sAMAccountName.

      2)     Any chance that you can make the Manager & Assistant name fields as URL's which would link to that user's information?


      If I've posted to an incorrect place, let me know!