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    Weird issue with Orion NPM box...


      Hi Folks,


      We have Orion NPM 10.2.1 running and has been keeping tabs on all of our gear for years. Recently Orion can't see two remote switches on our network. However, any other workstation or server can see these switches. Nothing has changed in our environment; no routing changes, no SNMP changes on the switches in question, no loss of connectivity to these remote switches, etc. I can verify that, from our Orion box, the switch (in debug mode) is getting at least the ping request from Orion. However, Orion never sees a response.


      Here is what's transpired....


      Switch A ---- (fiber trunk) -----Switch B (fiber trunk) ---- Switch C


      Orion can see Switch A now, no problem. About a week ago Orion could no longer see switch B, but could see switch C. No switch C is no longer visible from Orion. Again, all other servers and workstation we've tested can ping each of the equipment in question.


      Orion does not have a firewall enabled and there are no ACLs between it and the equipment in question.


      Any suggestions?