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    Duplicate products in update catalog?

    Andrew M

      The EminentWare update catalog for Adobe contains some product names that are confusing to me.


      The catalog contains two Adobe Reader products: "Adobe Acrobat Reader" and "Adobe Reader". It also contains two Adobe Flash products that appear to describe the same thing: "Flash for Mozilla or Opera", and "Flash Plugin". I'm having difficulty determining whether these are duplicates or subsets or something else. Does anyone know? Should I be synchronizing all four or can I select just one of each to reduce clutter in my package lists?

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Greetings Andrew.


          Adobe Acrobat Reader is published in the SolarWinds catalog, and contains the following content:

          • Abobe Acrobat Reader v10 full installation packages
          • Adobe Acrobat Reader v9 update packages and full installation packages.


          Adobe Reader is published in the Adobe Reader 10 catalog, and contains only Reader v10 update packages.


          The Flash and Flash for Mozilla and Opera categories are deprecated. They were the original product category names and contain legacy content for Flash prior to November, 2010; essentially anything earlier than v10.1.102.64. In November, 2010, we changed those names to more accurately refect the actual content: Flash ActiveX (for IE and anythng else that may use ActiveX controls) and Flash Plugin (for Firefox and Opera, which may also be used by other products at any time). Generally speaking, unless you need legacy Flash content, you can leave the older categories unselected.