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    Reverse Labeling


      Is there a quick and easy way to reverse the labeling of inbound and outbound values in the Orion web interface on charts and gauges?  I am working on an Orion that facilitates reporting for customers of a company.  The Orion is monitoring the interfaces that deliver internet connections to small businesses.  The business owner looks at the Orion web interface and sees inbound and outbound traffic values and same for netflow but because they are not IT and don't think of the data as it pertains to the architecture of the network, the current values are confusing (because it's in reverse order for them).  If they could flip the labeling, this would clear up the problem.  We can change the labels in the reports but that doesn't fix the gauges and charts.  Is this possible?  If it's not, we'd like to suggest it as a feature request to be voted on.


      Thank you,

      Jason Henson

      Loop1 Systems