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    dynamic group query using regex

    Petr Pribyl

      Hi all,


      I'd like to ask - how to dynamic group query builder recognize regex? Seems to me it doesn't work:


      If I build a query :


      Orion Object  is  Node


      IP address  matches  XXX


      when  XXX = 10.0.*   works

                         "10.0.*"   works

                        "10.\.0\.*"   doesn't

                       ("10.\.0\.*")   doesn't

                       "(10.\.0\.*)"  doesn't


      But I need to build more complex regex query, using at least '|' and '\' 


      I've searched thwack and found this thread: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/151334#151334,  so I quess there's a way and I'm doing something wrong


      NPM version 10.3 running at Win server 2008 R2.