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    Alerts and SQL queries


      I wrote a script that will disable a syslog alert before I perform a test.  Then I can re-enable the alert after I am done with my testing.  However, this did not work - even though the enable box for the alert is un-checked, I still get the alert.  I found out that for it to work, I would have to restart the syslog service.  If I disable the alert manually (i.e., though the console), the alert will truly be disabled.  So I re-wrote my test to check the Enable flag:  send the alert if the flag is enabled, and don't send the alert if the flag is disabled.  This works when I manually run the script.  However, when I incorporate the same exact script into the alert, the SQL portion that looks up the flag does not get executed.  I am thinking that there is some kind of credential issue here, but I can't figure out what it is.  I have the ODBC set up with the database connection, and a username/password for authentication.  Does anyone know how I can get the localsystem to execute the query?  (Localsystem is what runs the Solarwinds service.)  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.