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    Sonicwall Web Traffic Report including User Account


      Hi All,


      We are looking to generate reports and alerts for web traffic from our Sonicwall Content Filter. I was able to view the traffic by using the WebTrafficAudit filter. The issue we are having is the information shown only includes the source IP address. This poses an issue since the majority of our web usage stems from 11 Terminal (Citrix) Servers. The authentication to the content filter comes from an agent from Sonicwall that is installed on each Terminal Server.


      Does anyone have any insight on how we can generate reports or filter traffic based on user accounts and not SourceMachines/IP's? The "SourceAccount" field is blank on every object that is returned in the WebTrafficAudit filter. On the Sonicwall we've essentially turned on every reportable object and put it into debug mode so it should (in theory) be dumping all of the information.


      Are we missing anything? This is something that can supposedly be done in Sonicwalls ViewPoint server, but we would rather avoid running another server just to generate web traffic reports and alerts since LEM seems to handle all of our other Firewall related needs to this point.


      Thanks for your help!