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    Export monitors into a file


      Hi guys


      I am complete newbe to SolarWinds products, I just started to learn it.

      I wonder if there is a way to export db of all monitor definitions and alerts into some kind of file, like CSV or text? Then after editing a file re-import back?


      Why this question you might ask? Well, I am tasked with re-designing our old implementation of NMP and SAM, to use new features like Dependencies,

      Groups and Advanced alerts. The issue is that we have literally thousands of monitors already defined and to go and change each one would be huge job,

      almost impractical.


      I am thinking along the lines to create some kind of script to process the file, than to re-import into database.

      Sorry, this might be stupid question, although I said I am completely new to this.


      Is there a better approach? Did anyone had something similar to achive?


      Kind Regards