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    Manual activation


      When i'm activating the license manually .. do i need to give the name of the appliance or the name of the pc where desktop console is installed??...

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          If I remember correctly, the server name is somehow encoded into the activation file/string that you send to SolarWinds. If you look at your Customer Portal, the server name is recorded as part of the activation.

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              nicole pauls

              That's correct.


              To manually activate, go to your solarwinds.com customer portal, go to "License Management", select the license you want to manually activate, click "Manually Register License" next to the key you want to manually activate, then fill out the form on the following page. Generally the "Computer Name" is a name that will identify the location where the SolarWinds software is installed, i.e. in this case the LEM appliance:


              After you click "Generate License File", return to LEM, provide the necessary matching data, and upload the key generated by this process.