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    IPAM 3.0 VMware, export/import IP information and licens question



      I've been searching the forum, and think I found the answers I was looking for.  But just to be certain:

      1. Up until now I've been running IPAM IPX on a physical server, there where som problems during installation, but I got it working.  We purchased a licens and I now want to go from evaluation to a licensed product.  This server running IPAM today is borrowed from our backup guys, and I cannot cannot use this in the furture. Since we're all into VMWare, I want to run it as an virtual server.  Looking into twack-community, I can see that several others runs different Solarwinds products this way.  I just want to run IPAM at the moment, and is there any reason not running IPAM as an virtual server in an VMWare environment?


      2. I plan to export the ip address data, and import it to the the new installation on the new virtual server. I have not created any custom fields, but need to export/import everything (subnets, description, dhcp information and so on). For what I can read, this should not be a problem. Correct?


      3. Since getting an virtual server may take som time (internal ordering and procedures), I would like to have the physical server running IPAM evaluation installed with the purchased licens until the virtual server is up and running. Therefore I need to confirm that this won't be a problem.  When the virtual server is up and running I want to move the licens from the physical server to the virtual server. For what I can read, this sould not be a problem using the deactivate licens as explained in the Customer Portal under reset licens. Correct?