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    ciscoCBQosMIB ( being polled by Orion


      Hi guys,

      We are encountering this problem on our Solarwinds Orion 10.2.2. Our Orion is polling ciscoCBQosMIB ( on our nexus 7000 routers after adding them which adds cpu utilization on the routers. I don't remember configuring our Orion to poll such MIB. The utilization of our Nexus is currently around 20%(on our live Orion system).


      Then we tried to install a demo Orion 10.3 and we added some of our nexus 7000 routers to be polled, the utilization dropped to around 7% and no ciscoCBQosMIB polling was detected on the router.

      So my question is, is it a bug on Orion 10.2.2 or I just need to disable something?