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    NetFlow from Linux Centos


      Hi all,  I have installed  fprobe on Linux Centosas NetFlow sensor from my interfaces. When i added my Linux machine to my NTA - i see error: You have not enabled NetFlow data export on the device. For more information, see "Enabling NetFlow and NetFlow Data Export (NDE) on Cisco Catalyst Switches" in the Support - Product Documentation area of www.solarwinds.com. But i dont find any information about enable NDE on Linux machines. May any help me in this question??



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          Ondrej Choleva

          It seems you are not receiving/processing data for some reason. Check NetFlow events if there are some related or use Wireshark (with filter CFLOW) to verify that flows are coming to your Orion server. Also make sure your NTA listen at right port, by default it is 2055, but you can change it in NetFlow settings.

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