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    LEM Web Console


      HI I'm unable to login with web browser ... it says invalid login .... i've tried admin and password... its  not working  anyyy help ... bit of urgent ???


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          any body???

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            nicole pauls

            admin / password is the default - when you first logged in you were prompted to change it, though, so if that's not it and you don't know what it is, you'll probably need to reset the password.


            From the CMC, you can reset the admin password with the "resetadmin" command in the "manager" submenu.

            1. On your virtual appliance, go to "Advanced Configuration"
            2. Switch to the manager menu by typing: manager (and hit enter)
            3. Reset the admin password by typing: resetadmin (and hit enter)
              1. Follow the prompts here. When the manager is done restarting, it'll be reset to the default (password) again.
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