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    Reporting with different units


      Good Morning all,

           I am trying to set up two reports relating to snapshots.  The first one reports any VM with a snapshot older than 2 days.  The second one reports any VM with a snapshot larger than 5 gigs.


      Question #1: Can virtualization manager report "vm.totalStorageSizeUsed" in gigs rather than bytes?  I am sending this report to several people and it would be nice if they could see a number that is more "human readable" on the report.


      Question #2: Am I able to change the header names on the spreadsheet that it uses for reporting? Rather than seeing "vm.snapshotSummaryCount" and "vm.totalStorageSizeUsed (B)" maybeI could clean it up and say "Total Snapshots" and "Storage used by Snapshots", just something that is a little more user friendly.


      Thank you for the help!




      I have included a screen shot, hopefully it helps illustrate what I am trying to do.