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    WSUS Computer Group Targeting


      First off, I hope I have popsted correctly. I just visited the EW site and was directed here. If not I apologize and please correct me. Thanks.


      I am currently using Clinet Side Targeting via GPO in my environment. With sites all over the worrld and the fact taht we will be deploying a lot of different apps to different locations, I would like more granular control of the group memberships. So, I would lik eto go to Server Side Targeting. My question is, will changing this in the console be enough? Does the GPO have to be dited/removed first? Thanks again.

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          Lawrence Garvin

          Greetings Jeff.


          You're in exactly the right place.


          In addition to changing the Options | Computers value to "Use the console..", you will also need to DISABLE the GPO setting for Use client-side targeting, so that the clients will query the WSUS server for their group membership assignments. With the policy setting enabled, they will ignore anything you do in the console.