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    Interfaces go into Unkown state breifly after being added despite being reachable via SNMP


      We recently experienced an outage at our HQ where Solar Winds is hosted that rebooted some of our equipment.  After everything was brought back online I was having an issue with two Nexus 5500 switches as all of their interfaces were showing as unknown.  Polling or rediscovering did nothing however if I tried listing resources I could see all the interfaces get recognized.  Since that was the case on one of the switches I tried removing all of the resources, submitting that request then re-adding everything.  After doing this all the interfaces came back as online and started polling as normal.  However on the second switch with the exact same setup whenever I tried this same process the interfaces all come back online and I can see bandwidth data get through one poll, however all the interfaces slowly go back into warning state and then known where they remain like that.  Anyone have any idea's what could be causing this?  I am currently using NPM 10.3.