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    what is required to p2v orion 10.1 server


      Understand that Orion 10.1/NMP/NCM 6 can run on a VM and there are instructions in Admin guide to install as such. But if we have existing system running on server and wish to P2V the server what is required fromOrion side to allow this?   eg do i need to deactivate licence key , change anything on db or is it just a straight copy and run on new vm?  Has anybody done this?

      Can a small SQL Express db (2 G) run on the same VM server initially?    (can be moved to dedicated SQL server later)

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          While I don't think we've done the exact case, our FoE product relies on being able to do a P2V(or Backup/Restore) to accomplish the initial push.  I was talking with another dev, and the only thing we were worried about was the licensing, and we both felt things should be fine for a straight P2V.  In the worst case, park the keys from the old machine, and re-license after doing the the P2V.


          In terms of DB stuff, there shouldn't be anything you need to do.  While you can run SQL Express, I would highly recommend getting it off to a dedicated server ASAP.  If you move it to the dedicated server before the P2V, it should continue to run on the VM without a problem once you bring it up.


          I'm curious to hear if folks have done this in their environments and how it went.