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    Need to extract info from an SNMP trap.


      I have configured an alert rule based on a specific SNMP trap. The alert sends an email using the default macros supplied by SolarWinds. However, that results in the alert message text contains a lot of junk. I assume that since the traps are not being processed into the database, I cannot use SQL to extract fields of specific data from the trap (such as the snmpTrapOID). Has anyone devised a way to make snmp trap messages more reader friendly in the same way that one can do that with other types of SolarWinds alerts? Will I need to forward the traps to some third party application? Could a script be run to do this?


      Any help is appreciated.

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          As long as you are not discarding the traps they are in the database.


          You can build more intelligent messages by calling the variables directly.


          Each line of data is represented by a variable ${vbData1} ${vbData2} etc so you can write out more intelligent traps based on your needs.  For example I have some Oracle traps that I format as follows.


          Oracle OEM Trap

          Status: ${vbData8} Source: ${vbData3}

          ${vbData5} : ${vbData6}

          ${vbData2} ${VbData1}

          Server: ${vbData3}

          Error: ${vbData4}

          Message Text: ${vbData12}


          It takes a lot of formatting to accomplish and no one rule will suffice everyone's needs