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    View Custom HTML Resource across multiple views


      Good morning,

      We currently have three summary views in NPM.   I created a Custom HTML resource that we call "System Status Board".   We use this as a posting area for any known network issues for providing up-to-date information.   Because we have the three different views, we have to update this resource three times since it is three separate instances of the resource.  Is it possible to update this resource on the networking view, and have the view refresh for the other two views?


      I'm going to keep looking through the forums to see if I can find the answer as well.


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          To test something, I created a new HTML resource, and I copied the url for our system status board resource into this new resource in the following format:

          <iframe src="<URL for resource I am trying to link to>" width=600 height=650id=myFrame></iframe>


          It appears that this works, however it gives me the title of that resource twice. Is there a way to supress that?