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    Win a t-shirt! Looking for non-users of SeUM to give feedback on initial user experience

    Kellie Mecham



      The User Experience group is looking for people who do not currently use Synthetic End User Monitor, but may have an interest in doing so at some point in the future, to participate in a feedback session where you give your thoughts and opinions on the initial user experience of SeUM.


      This will be a 90 minute time commitment the week of July 17 (any time Tuesday thru Friday of that week at your convenience, from 9am Central to 5pm Central).


      We’ll spend some time on a GoToMeeting reviewing some initial tasks you might do on the product, but we’ll also leave a few minutes at the end for you to talk to members of the product team and provide feedback on any SolarWinds products.  And—we’ll throw in a cool t-shirt or other swag, too!


      If you are interested, please email kellie.mecham@solarwinds.com with some dates and times that work for you.


      Sorry—if you are currently working with sales, have downloaded an evaluation copy already, or have otherwise already seen Synthetic End User Monitor or interacted with it, we cannot schedule you for this round. The usual caveats apply: what we show you is a work in progress and is not a guarantee that what you see is what we will ship.