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    Adding CPU & Memory Pollers


      Hi - When I add CPU & Memory pollers with the GUI it automatically adds the correct CPU poller - e.g. CPU.SNMP.CiscoGen1/2/3


      How does the GUI "know" which poller to add?? I'm doing the same thing with the SDK for automated provisioning but I can't work out whether I need CiscoGen1, 2 or 3 for a given Cisco device.


      Is there a lookup table in the DB or something??


      Thanks for any guidance with this.



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          Unfortunately, current SWIS API for adding nodes doesn't include automatic detection of which pollers to add. This step is currently available only in the UI where you can also select which features you like to monitor. Thus, using the API, you need to associate proper pollers on your own which requires you to know certain details of the nodes being added.


          In case of CPU pollers for CiscoGen1/2/3, you may try explicit SNMP probing for the following OIDs (you need suitable external tools for this):

          N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen3 = test for availability of the OID subtree*

          N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen2 = test for availability of the OID subtree*

          N.Cpu.SNMP.CiscoGen1 = test for availability of the OID