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    storage manager and hitachi arrays VSP and AMS


      I am trying to monitor 2 vsp arrays and 1 ams array. I have added them in storage manager by pointing it to my device manager server. The software shows that it found the storage arrays but the device manager now stays at 100% cpu usage. It also is not pulling ANY performance metrics for the storage arrays. 1 array is in the same datacenter as storage manager and the other 2 are in a different data center.

      1. why is my device manager server at 100% cpu... when i stop storage manager the device manager server drops to less than 10 % usage. They are installed on different servers in the same datacenter.

      2. Why is storage manager not pulling performance metrics? do i need to present a command device to the device manager server? if so can it use the ip based command device and does it need cci?


      thanks for your help.

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          What resources does your Device Manager (cpu, memory)?   Polling Device Manager for data will put a load on it and if it is a small machine, it may not be able to handle it.  Two suggestions:

          1. Add more CPU and RAM.
          2. Enable the synchronous tag in STM (see below). 


          To get performance data, please review our SMI-S Configuration Guide about how to configure Device Manager to add performance data. 


          If you need more help, let us know.


          Enabling the synchronous tag

          On the agent(s) monitoring the array(s):

          Stop the agent process and open the mod.sys.smis.Smis.xml configuration file found in \Storage Manager Agent\systemic\mod.sys.smis.Smis_1.0\ in a text editor.  Add the tag "<synchronous>true</synchronous>" between "<mod.sys.smis.Smis>" and "</mod.sys.smis.Smis>".










          *Note: if you are using the Storage Manager server to monitor the arrays, the path to the file would be \Storage Manager Server\agent\systemic\mod.sys.smis.Smis_1.0\


          Restart the agent process and let it collect for an hour or so.