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    Network Atlas + ConnectNow




      I have been working with Solarwind Orion in only two scenarios to-date, one being a tool to simply monitor bandwidth and availability, and the instance now resulting in me registering on Thwack :3.


      The quick run down of what I have been charged with figuring out for my company is utilizing Network Atlas and ConnectNow in conjunction with one another to build our network topologies - seemed really simple at first, so far has not turned out to be so. I have browsed Thwack pretty heavily to this point but have not been able to locate anything similar to what we are experiencing.


      //Network Performance Monitor

      License - Production

      Version - 10.3

      Service Pack - <none>


      We have 2 networks, one that is dubbed "Legacy" and one that is in the process of being built - both are statewide.


      Our "Legacy" network is comprised of a mixture of 3Com, H3C, and Cisco gear. Inside Orion utilizing Network Sonar Discovery, Network Atlas, and ConnectNow - our topology auto-generates almost flawlessly, a few wonky things here and there that require user intervention, but works for the most part with what I have experimented with so far.


      To give you an idea of our Legacy Gear -

      H3C SR6602

      3Com 5820 Switch

      3Com 4800 Switch

      Cisco 7201 Router


      Our "new network" is our bread winner but is also giving us the most trouble. We have a range of subnets polled by Network Sonar Discovery daily in 3 ranges of IP addresses - SNMP is working to these devices already. This network is utilizing MPLS, iBGP, OSPF point-to-point links, 802.1q, <you name it>. In Orion when any of these devices are brought into Network Atlas after Sonar Discovery and the ConnectNow button is hit, there are literally no connections made. I have tried a lot of things to rectify this to no avail thus far.


      To give you an idea of our New Network Gear -

      ONS 15454

      ME3400E Switch

      ME3600 Router





      I am open to suggestions at this point as we are trying to get Orion into "production" ASAP.

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          Figured this out. Please disregard.

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            Glad to hear you figured this out.  Would you mind posting how you went about accomplishing this?  It will greatly help anyone else who has this same question.




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              I must've overlooked some important information about Network Atlas and ConnectNow originally. I ended up finding the information that would've saved me some time in an obscure note in the knowledge base stating that ConnectNow will only build a topology on Layer 2 information; using a combination of a Bridge MIB and an ARP MIB.


              From there I worked with my peers to find another solution that could do topology based on L3 information and arrived at LANSurveyor. We are still experimenting with it but it does have the ability to build a topology based on L3 information, which our new network is comprised of primarily versus our legacy network.


              That was the solution basically :3.