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    Solarwinds Certified Professional


      Does anyone have a prep course for the SCP? I have satelite internet at home so streaming video isn't very useful. If there are videos I can download or other material that can be downloaded that would be more beneficial. I would appreciate your input.   Thanx

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          I would recommed that you look at some of the Cisco CCNA learning material as the SolarWinds exam will have similar questions. A Google of ccna material will get you links like this - http://www.simulationexams.com/tutorials/ccna/ccna-tutorials.htm


          Next up I would install a trial version of NPM so that you can test all the features without the fear of messing up a live deployment. Make sure you are confortable with creating maps, dependencies and use of the report writer.


          The SolarWinds training videos are hosted on YouTube so you could click on them, pause and then watch later. I found them excellent when I was getting ready for the exam



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            Yeah strong knowledge of the Cisco world of networking definitely benefited me in taking this exam.  However I would make sure too you have experience administering solar winds itself as well,  I helped our company build out our solar winds system and proficiency in the various aspects of the Solar Winds I got from that definitely benefited me.

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                I'll second that  point.  I recently took this exam and I have used Solarwinds for about 6 years.  I expected it to be a walk in the park.  While I did pass on the first try I was amazed at how many networking type questions the test consisted of.  I thought it would all be SW administration type questions but that wasn't the case.  Had I not had a background in networking I would not have passed.

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                    I took the original test back when it first came out so I don't have experience with the more current version; however, it seems to me that the focus should be less on networking and more on managing SolarWinds products since that is what the SolarWinds Certified Professional name would imply.


                    Besides that, you can monitor a whole lot more than networks with SolarWinds products so if you are going to cover things beyond managing/configuring the SolarWinds products it seems you would have stuff on more than just networking such as servers, logs, storage, vmware etc?


                    Personally I would prefer the focus of the exam be on managing/configuring SolarWinds products and maybe just the server/network pieces necessary (snmp, syslog, etc) to make that work.

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                        I completely agree @byrona I was shocked at how little the test was focused on Solarwinds.  My first question had to do with QoS on a router and I thought maybe I got loaded into the wrong exam.  I have a coworker that is well versed in SW but since the test is so focused on networking I'm not sure if he would pass.

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                            Patrick Hubbard

                            Finding the right balance between SolarWinds product and general network management and monitoring questions is tricky, and your feedback is very helpful.  Currently it’s about 50% product specific.


                            When we launched the certification program we surveyed customers on that question and many respondents complained that some other companies used certification for product promotion, and not as a measure of network management and monitoring skill.  Others said they used a mix of SolarWinds and other vendors at work and wanted the certification to still be meaningful in a mixed environment. 


                            We’re open to all suggestions on the question mix as we extend the program, as long as the overall challenge, (and meaningfulness), is consistent.  Anyone earning certification three years ago should rest assured their certification is just as meaningful today. 

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                          congrats on completing the exam successfully!

                          Can you also tell the exam duration and the breakup of questions. The SCP guide provided seems to be very old updated september 2009.

                          Thank you!

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                              The exam was 90 minutes and 77 questions.


                              And as mentioned above, there's a big focus on actual network management rather than just being able to use Solarwinds. Obviously knowing network management will allow you to take full advantage of Solarwinds.


                              The SCP practice exam is a good guide as to how the real exam will be.

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                          All - there is a new SCP exam prep guide available here.

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                              I am currently an SCP and in Jan 2013 my certification will run out, I think I was on of the 1st 500 to do it, do Solarwinds subscribe to any of the CPE's for gaining credits to recertify.  I am now Security+ certified from Jan this year, but also ISO 27001 Lead implementer within the last month.  I was wondering if these would recertify my knowledge without retaking the exam again.



                              Rich Foster

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                                  In order to recertify, you will need to take the latest version of the exam; however, we've made it significantly more convenient for you.  You can now take the SCP exam online, without having to schedule an appointment and make a trip to a testing center.  The new certification is also valid for a period of 5 years as opposed to 3 years and even better, you can't beat the current price


                                  For more details, feel free to contact me directly or send an email to certification@solarwinds.com.



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                                      Larry Giveans

                                      Is the new SCP exam available online for new certs as well or does this option only apply to recerts?



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                                          Hi Larry,


                                          The SCP exam is online for everyone.  We stopped using testing centers back in April of this year, as for many of you, it was not only an inconvenience but often required significant travel time and costs.


                                          Please let me know if we can be of further assistance or answer any additional questions.



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                                              Thanks again for letting me take the exam!

                                              The exam was well made compared to others and also compared to the previous one from the testing center. I like the feedback on which score you got on each section (although I haven't figured out on how to check it again after the exam as there doesn't seem to be a link).

                                              Some questions are specific to Orion modules (mostly NPM), the others are about NMS/monitoring in general but always in relation (as in also used within) to Orion. I would say anyone knowing their stuff within Orion and monitoring can pass this exam.

                                              What I did like as well was that there were no questions which cannot be answered just because of minor naming differences (e.g. User Links vs Custom Links (not an actual example)), if the answers did have only slight differences with that, there was always something else to the answer which could rule out either one, it would just bug me if I knew the answer but just weren't sure how it was written anymore.

                                              Spotted some errors (or maybe I just thought I did) but all in all, the exam is well done!

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                                                  Congratulations once again...and you are more than welcome!  Thank you for the excellent feedback.  You are correct in that there is no link to allow you to go back and see your results for each section.  It is only available immediately after taking the exam.  I'll check and see if that option is available and discuss it with the team to make sure such an ability wouldn't pose a security concern.

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                                        The new online format is very convienant.!!

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                                          The networking questions make me nervous. I am new to networking. I just took the first two Cisco Academy courses and I am struggling so I won't be taking the ICND1 exam too soon. I am also struggling with Solarwinds because it was set up by someone previous to me. So, I don't know the architecture too well. I have working on maps but come up with more questions like, "how do I do this"...will have to just keep at it and communicating with all of you.