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    Advanced group alerts stop working after 10.3 upgrade


      After upgrade to NPM 10.3.0 from 10.2.2, noticed some alerts were not being e-mailed. Further found that the issue was with items in a dynamic Group (servers). Noticed new additions to this group did trigger e-mail alerts when server is up or down.


      When we deleted an existing server from Orion and re-added it. Up/down Alerts for this server are now being sent.


      A support case was opened with Solarwinds support.  After performing NPM repairs, sending diagnostic files, the next fix proposed was "just delete and add back in your nodes."  If we do that, we lose all of our historical data; that's not a fix - it's a cop-out.


      Seeing if anyone else has had this problem or a better fix than delete and re-add nodes, or completely reinstall the software, which is the new fix.  Considering the amount we pay annually for maintenance I expect a better response than reinstalling software.  To me this sounds more like a bug that won't be fixed by reinstallation.