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    Which credential used?


         I saw a post from back in 2010 requesting the ability to get a list of which nodes / SAM monitors used which credentials. Was this ever implemented?  I need some way to get a list as we have several SAM components using credentials that need to be changed, but I don't know which ones. Thanks.

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          I found a report that can be used here:


          Credentials Used By APM Component Monitors


          which is based on this SQL query:


          SELECT n.NodeID, n.Caption as Node, a.ID as ApplicationID, a.Name as [Application], c.ID as ComponentId, c.Name as Component,

              cts.Value as TemplateCredId, cs.[Value] as OverridenCredId, cred.Name as CredName

          FROM APM_Component c

              INNER JOIN APM_Application a ON c.ApplicationID = a.ID

              INNER JOIN Nodes n ON a.NodeID = n.NodeID

              LEFT JOIN APM_ComponentSetting cs ON cs.ComponentID = c.ID AND cs.[Key] = '__CredentialSetId'

              LEFT JOIN APM_ComponentTemplate ct ON ct.ID = c.TemplateID

              LEFT JOIN APM_ComponentTemplateSetting cts ON cts.ComponentTemplateID = ct.ID AND cts.[Key] = '__CredentialSetId'

              LEFT JOIN [Credential] cred ON cred.ID = ISNULL(cs.Value, cts.Value)