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    NPM Services description


      Hi Thwack Community,

      Recently my Boss inquiry me about NPM services below:


      Is there any manual where could I found informations about each NPM Services above ?

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          just in short:

          SolarWinds Trap Service - handling device Traps messages

          SolarWinds Syslog Service - handling device Syslog messages

          SolarWinds Orion Module Engine - interact with MS Database and reads/writes polling data there.

          Solarwinds Information Service (v1 v2) - can interact with persistence storages (not just MS SQL) and mainly reads data from there.

          SolarWinds NetFlow service - NPM NetFlow module specific service.

          SolarWinds Job Engine (v1 v2 v3) - data processing service. Usually does a device polling (icmp, snmp).

          SolarWinds Collector Services - responsible for polling data processing and requests. Prepares data for the persistence storage.

          SolarWinds Alerting Engine - processes all the alerts (those which you can see on web console for instance) for every SolarWinds product.


          Let us know if you are looking for something specific.