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    Storage Manager not functioning properly




      We have a VMware environment with vCenter. I wanted to monitor the environment with Storage manager but from the 4 cluster in vCenter it only monitor 1 cluster.

      Does read the EMC SAN storage and the Brocade Fiber channels arent monitored. Also the 10 ESX host thay are only for Citrix PVS cant be monitored.

      All these device have the right credentials and SNMP settings. With an other tool (The Dude) i use, i can see more on the Fire Channels then with the Storage Manager.


      I use the Solarwinds VM Monitor it does show more things (Mem usage en CPU ...)  !


      Maybe this is because of the TRAIL version i use?

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          Garrett Gross


          I am not sure what issues you are having as far as what data you are and are not getting back from the vCenter.  With Storage Manager (trial version or not), we are able to monitor virtual environments via the vCenter, getting data on the VC itself, clusters, datastores, ESX hosts, and virtual machines.  You can also monitor standalone ESX hosts or the virtual machines individually.

          I would check the permissions of the user whose credentials were supplied to Storage Manager when adding the virtual center initially.  Make sure it has at least read-only admin rights as well as the 'datastore.browse' privilege granted (within vSphere).  I want to reiterate that there should be no difference in the monitoring capabilities between the trial version and a fully licensed version.

          If you are still having issues, though, please engage your sales rep and they can have a sales engineer reach out to assist.