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    Generating a Report showing Specific Node Status Down past 30 Minutes




      I have been tasked with creating a Solarwinds NPM Report showing every instance of a site being offline for more than 30 minutes.  This report is to span one year.  We currently have more than one device being monitored per site, but I have identified the device to be specified per site to be the router.  Some sites have dial, backup, so the monitoring will have to be on the entire node, not on any particular interface.


      In a nutshell, the report should have the following:


      1. A node status of 'Down' for each site router

      2. The node must have had the status of 'Down' for 30 minutes or longer

      3. The report must span the past 12 months


      I have been experimenting with different report types and mixing/matching different fields, but have run into a few road blocks.  The first is that the node status usually shows only the current status, not previous a previous status.  I believe that this may be due to the fact that, unless the Event type of report is chosen, the status is taken from the current status of the node.  The other problem is selecting only routers to monitor.  I do not believe that wildcard characters (for IP addresses) are supported in Solarwinds.  I am attempting to use machine type instead.  The last issue is the biggest one I am facing, and that is to limit the duration to 30 minutes or more while at the same time expanding the report to cover one year.  Is it possible to take the status variable and add in the time restriction for a new variable that can be identified whenever it occurs during a one year period?


      Any help is appreciated,


      Thank you,