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    Alert escalation functionality


      To all:


      We are currently running NPM 10.3.


      My question is this. Is there a way, with regards to the alerting, to set up an escalation process?


      For instance, say we get alerted/paged that a switch went down. If that switch is still down after 30 minutes (time should be configurable) then the boss gets paged or something like that.


      Does the alerting function in Solarwinds NPM have that functionality? I've have looked around for a little bit and haven't seen anything like that.


      As always, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance.

        • Re: Alert escalation functionality
          Chrystal Taylor

          In your trigger actions, create a secondary action (to email or page or whatever) and on the Alert Escalation tab:


          You can choose to delay the execution of this action for say 30 minutes, and check the box not to execute if it has been acknowledged.  So, if someone doesn't take care of the issue within 30 minutes the secondary action would fire.


          Hope this helps,


          Chrystal Taylor