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    internal program error on CatTools v3.3.4


      I am writing to ask for help regarding the failure of the software cattools. about two days, the software reports the following errors after running:

      2) Version 3.3.4 - Error Number: 0 - Description: - Module Name: ClientFields.frm - Procedure Name: ConnectHostSingleAttempt - Line Number: 0 - Date and time: 7/3/2012 9:04:36 AM
      3) Failed to connect x.x.x.x: unknow reason

      The server reaches all the equipment and the login credentials are correct despite the error 3

      Can anyone help me?

      Thanks a lot

        • Re: internal program error on CatTools v3.3.4
          Steve Welsh

          Looks like you have some issue with the component CatTools uses to connect to the devices with (wodSSH.dll).

          Have you tried reinstalling CatTools?


          I also noticed you are on v3.3.4, so you may want to consider upgrading to the latest release.  The component in question was upgraded to a later version in CatTools v3.3.15 and there have been many releases since then too.