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    Monitor Hardware by using APM V4.2?


      Hi there


      We have NPM&APM installed on our network monitoring system, and we have some Windows NT boxes on the network that we would like to monitor, and due to the age of hardware of the NT systems we want to have something that will be able to monitor them, i.e 'Disk Drive Failure; Disk Drive Dropped from Raid Array; Individual Hard Drive Module Failure, etc...'.


      we have Solarwinds APM installed as mentioned above, and I am wondering if I can just use that to monitor those above?

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          What make of server are you dealing with?


          If it's HP, Dell or IBM there would be a good case for you upgrading your APM4.2 to SAM5 since that brings hardware monitoring as standard for those manufacturers (using their management agents). Otherwise, you're looking at UnDPs to check the various SNMP values to see when something goes wrong. Best place to have a look is on the Content Exchange part of thwack. I know that there is an HP set of UnDPs somewhere on there for hardware monitoring.

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