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    Mapping GRE tunnels




      Is there a way to create a network map at the IP layer that show GRE tunnels


      That is if  if  i have the following network


      router-A --- ( --- router-B --- ( --- router-C


      and I have a GRE tunnel ( with router-A and

      router-C as it's end points I want to see a IP-layer line inter-connecting

      router-A and router-C. (as well as IP layer lines inter-connecting

      router-A to router-B AND inter-connecting router-B to router-C)


      thwack-layer-3 example.jpg




        • Re: Mapping GRE tunnels

          you would use the tool "network atlas" to create all of your maps any way you want them.  just select the interfaces and nodes you want and drag them onto the map.  you can even make it look like the drawing above (or use the drawing above and overlay "objects" like nodes and interfaces.