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    Can't alert on nodes anymore?


      Hi all!


      We're running NPM 10.2.2 ... I'm just in the process of putting in some new alerts using the advanced alert manager (I am pretty comfortable with this tool generally) but have found one small issue which looks like a bug?


      Basically I want to set an alert if a node is down for 15minutes... simple right? However when I click New and then choose Node as the property to monitor, I don't get the ability to choose Node Status? (for node status = down) .. see picture 1 below.. .. and if I edit the existing alert "Alert if Node Down" ... if I change the trigger time, alert actions etc. I get an error saying "Field not specified or invalid".


      What's going on here? Surely this is the most basic type of alert possible and I have done this in the past...  Has our recent upgrades caused a problem (although this was a new install on v10, so I wouldn't expect major changes).







      Any help please appreciated!!