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    Processing Syslogs on LEM?


      I am curious if I am in a situation where I can't install an agent on a Linux system, can I instead configure the system to forward the logs to LEM and then process them there and get essentially the same functionality as if I had an agent on the system?

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          Hello again.


          Most agent connectors are also available on the LEM appliance. So, theoretically, you can configure those connectors to read anything being sent to LEM from another source. I checked with Support specifically about the Linux connectors, and they said it should work. If the situation comes up, we'd recommend you try it and then let us know if it doesn't work. In the latter case, we'd either work with Dev to tune the connector or recommend a workaround such as configuring the Linux box to syslog to Kiwi, and then configuring the Kiwi agent to forward the events to LEM.


          I hope that helps.